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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Northern Flickers "anting"

While Northern Flickers are common visitors to the suet feeder at the Seattle BirdCam, they also engage in "anting" behavior, looking for insects and other food on the ground. You can tell by the "moustache" that this is a male.

Here's a pair of Flickers anting. The female is on the left.


Blogger leanne said...

Hi there!

That's neat how they do that, and for long periods, too. Unfortunately I only have an apartment balconey see them only at the suet feeder. They are wonderful to watch. Sometimes they come by when I'm out there, if I dont move, they will stay. Sometimes 2 will come by at the same time, and the male gets to eat first, while the female stands by. I wanted to ask you, have there been any Chickadees around lately? Here in Magnolia they seem to have disappeared! I was getting the BCC's and Chestnutbacked all summer, but the last 2 weeks I havn't seen or heard them. Is this normal? The Junco's, sparrows, flickers and stellar jays are still around, but no Chickadees. Kinda worried about them. Let me know if the same thing is going on where you're at. Hope the little guys are OK!

Leanne from Magnolia

9:27 AM  
Blogger Bill said...

Hi, Leanne!

I haven't seen any dropoff in the number of chickadees at my feeder. They should be here all year round. It's a mystery to me why they would vanish from your area!


10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're back now, but not as often. Maybe they found other feeding sites? They used to come around almost all day, lucky if they come 3 times, weird. There was a Sharp shinned hawk on the light pole across the street a few times, too bad it didnt scare the squirrels away..The Chickadees must have seen it, too..

Leanne in Magnolia

12:08 PM  

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